Amazon is Hiring a Blockhain Expert—Would it Soon Accept Cryptocurrency Payments on its E-Commerce?

Isaiah Richard, Tech Times 23 July 2021, 09:07 pm

Amazon was discovered to be hiring a blockchain and digital currency expert, which led a lot of people to think that it would soon venture into cryptocurrency and accept these coins as payments. 

While that is not yet confirmed, there are a lot of reasons why Amazon would possibly do this, and one is investing in the coins themselves.

If Amazon is looking into investing in cryptocurrency, it would follow the footsteps of the clean energy company, Tesla, which bought a massive amount of Bitcoin for investment purposes. 

Amazon is Hiring a Blockchain, Digital Currency Expert

Amazon shopping

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Amazon app shopping

Amazon is going in the direction of the new Amazon CEO Andy Jassy, as Jeff Bezos already stepped down from office earlier this month. This means that everything that is happening at the e-commerce company is now under Jassy. This includes the move to go into blockchains and digital currency, which is something Amazon has left untouched before.

There are no revelations as to the discovered job listing on Amazon’s website for a blockchain expert, only that it is searching for one to take charge on Amazon’s end, and act as a consultant for the company.

The “Payment Acceptance and Experience Team” is looking for its new blockchain expert, and it highly suggests what the company aims for its ventures.

According to CNBC, this job listing was already confirmed by Amazon, and that they are looking into the field of cryptocurrency, as it is a high-grossing enterprise at the moment. The statement suggests that Amazon is fully on board this move, and soon be making crypto a star.

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Amazon to Soon Accept Crypto Payments?


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Amazon satellite

The job listing and statement of Amazon confirms something which most people speculate and hope for: Cryptocurrency Payments. And while that is something that is highly suggested by connecting the dots, it is not something that one should celebrate, as it is not confirmed by Amazon. 

Nonetheless, Cryptocurrency Payments may be something of a future venture of Amazon, which is why the company is hiring a blockchain expert to help them with regards to their future actions. 

It also is not clear what cryptocurrency forms Amazon would accept, and there are a lot of crypto coins that are available now, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance, Dogecoin, USD Coin, and more.

Is Going Crypto the Right Way?

Currently, going crypto is somehow of a gamble, especially as all the coins are facing a massive hindrance on their rise in the market. That is apparent especially for Bitcoin, which has experienced one of its most grievous plunges in the past trends

However, people are also trading cryptocurrency at a high rate at this time, and it would be something Amazon can take advantage of, especially as a business that promotes e-commerce. 

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