Voice Will Launch the First Environmentally Friendly NFT Platform

Voice is an emerging company that will be launching the first environmentally friendly NFT platform later this month. The service is carbon-neutral and allows one to use a credit card, instead of the typical cryptocurrency needed for purchase.

Photographer Misan Harriman is amongst the curators partnering in Voice’ NFT Residency Program. “I’ve always been interested and loved the idea of digital art and the value of digital art being akin to the value of physical art. And I love the idea that the non-fungible token is allowing digital artists to be able to have a voice and have a value in their voice. I see the most potential in NFTs by democratizing talent and merit for those who have always not had access to the gatekeepers,” he said in an interview.

For those wondering what exactly makes this NFT platform different than the others — Voice is a free to mint (create) service, which negates much of the gas fees experienced when minting on chains like Ethereum. Additionally, the service accepts credit cards, is carbon neutral and is powered through Delegated proof of stake, an efficient blockchain network that does not require massive server farms to find a solution. Making Voice 65,000 times more energy efficient than Bitcoin and 17,000 times more than Ethereum.

Voice is an intriguing new player for those who have wanted to get into NFT’s, but are puzzled by the various buzzwords and barriers of entry. The platform’s beta app will launch in the coming weeks and only requires you to be 18 or over to purchase.

Elsewhere in art, Haroshi has launched his first collection of NFTs.

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